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What Should I Look For in a Residential Contractor?

When it comes to residential buildings like homes, choosing the wrong building company can leave you with years of disappointment and regrets. Should anything go wrong with the process, you could incur hefty financial losses due to the waste of materials and the many labor hours.

Financial loss could extend to after the completion of the project since you will be faced with constant repairs and maintenance. This goes on to show just how critical choosing the right builder is to achieving your dream home.

Choosing a great homebuilder is not as daunting as some people may imagine. When vetting one, you need to be on the lookout for some important qualities. This article looks at exactly that.

Level of Experience

The last thing you want is to gamble with so much of your money by being slapped with half-baked results or someone experimenting with their skillset with your home.

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However, how can you ascertain a builder’s level of experience? By looking at their portfolio, you should have a glimpse of quality of their past projects. This is evident from the nature of reviews they have under those projects, in their company profile. If you are keen enough, you should tell their level of experience from the planning consultation. You can even pay one of their past clients a visit and enquire about their work. If a builder previously did successful similar projects to yours, there is a good chance they will deliver exemplary work with yours.

Effective Listening and Communication Skills

Bearing in mind that it is your home they are building, a highly rated contractor should be a good listener. It is the only way they are able to grasp and visualize your ambitions. When paying attention, they will get all the details and features that you envision in your dream home. Listening is not enough; they should also be noting down all the details to ensure they do not leave out anything.

Similarly, they should be effective communicators throughout the process right from planning to hand over stage. A great builder should keep you in the loop of everything happening with the project. Can you imagine a builder executing adjustments without your knowledge? Doing this would surprise you with increased costs.


Another key virtue of a great homebuilder is high level of trustworthiness. A trustworthy builder is easier to work with since they are honest in everything. This plays a critical role when determining cost estimates. With a dishonest contractor, you can be sure to incur inflated costs and compromise, all of which could lead to collapse of the project. To tell a builder’s level of honest, ask around the location and carefully pay attention to the reviews on their company profile.

Time Conscious

Time factor is a key component of any successfully done project. The reason you are building a new home is so that you and your loved ones can move in soonest possible. Unwarranted delays with the project can inflate your costs through loss of countless labor hours. You can determine time consciousness of a builder by how they adhere to the agreed timeframes right from the initial planning stage. If they are punctual in delivering design and arriving at the site during planning stage, chances are they will complete the project within the agreed upon timeframe, without compromising on quality.

License and Other Certifications

Another characteristic of a great homebuilder is license of operation form the relevant authorities. License of operation means they have been duly vetted and deemed fit to operate. The fact that a builder has other certifications such as insurance gives you peace of mind that should accidents or massive damages occur, liability will not fall on you.

Ability to Adjust

When building a home, adjustments are one aspect one cannot entirely do away with. You might be watching some home feature on the media and decide to incorporate it in your dream home. You could also deliberate with your loved ones and decide to introduce new features and designs to improve the quality of your lives. In this case, a flexible builder comes in handy to accommodate any unforeseen adjustments. A great builder will not only execute changes; but will also be more than happy to offer their recommendations.

The amount time and effort that goes into vetting does not come anywhere close to the benefits that accrue from working with a good builder. You will have a seamless process and be happy to live in a quality built home that you always had in your dreams.

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