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Custom Kitchen Remodeling in New Jersey

The Artistry of Custom Kitchen Remodels at DeGeorge Development

Here at DeGeorge Development, located in the heart of Brick, NJ, we hold a deep appreciation for the role your kitchen plays within your home. Beyond its mere function as a culinary workspace, your kitchen is the heart of your household—a space where cherished memories are created, and conversations flow as smoothly as the aromatic scents of your favorite dishes. In the pursuit of transforming your kitchen into a truly distinctive and tailored space, the path of new kitchen design emerges as the ultimate choice. In this comprehensive discourse, we shall embark on an exploration of the key elements that imbue our custom kitchens with their exceptional nature, delving into the intricacies involved in their creation.

The Essence of Our Custom Kitchens: A newly designed kitchen, bearing the hallmark of DeGeorge Development, transcends the conventional perception of a room containing cabinets, countertops, and appliances. Instead, it emerges as an authentic reflection of your character, lifestyle, and culinary preferences—a meticulously designed space engineered to cater to your unique requirements and desires. Every facet of our custom kitchens is meticulously tailored to achieve a state of perfection. Let us now delve into the core elements that endow our custom kitchens with their truly unparalleled character:

Tailored Layout and Functionality:

Foremost among the advantages of a new kitchen is the profound capability to craft a layout attuned to your specific needs. Whether you aspire to culinary mastery, frequently entertain guests, or cherish family-oriented cooking endeavors, our custom kitchens bestow upon you the freedom to design a layout that elevates your culinary experience. The placement of appliances and the configuration of workstations are carefully orchestrated to ensure functionality that is entirely tailored to your requirements.

Personalized Cabinetry:

Custom cabinetry forms the foundation of an exceptional kitchen. In partnership with DeGeorge Development, you enjoy the liberty to select the type of wood, finish, style, and hardware that seamlessly aligns with your aesthetic sensibilities and harmonizes with the overall design. This degree of personalization extends beyond mere functional utility, permitting your kitchen to serve as an artistic canvas expressing your style preferences.

Modern Kitchen DeGeorge

Custom Countertops:

The countertops within your kitchen are more than just surfaces; they serve as the very stage upon which culinary alchemy transpires. Our kitchen designs offer an expansive spectrum of countertop materials, ranging from the timeless elegance of granite to the contemporary allure of quartz, the classic beauty of marble, and the rustic charm of butcher block. This versatile selection ensures your choice resonates with your aesthetics and caters to your culinary practices.

Thoughtful Storage Solutions:

Organized storage is the hallmark of culinary prowess. Our kitchen remodeling services afford you the opportunity to envision and execute storage solutions specifically tailored to your unique needs. Whether it involves the inclusion of pull-out spice racks, expansive drawers for pots and pans, or a pantry meticulously calibrated to your grocery shopping habits, our custom storage solutions epitomize kitchen efficiency.

Unique Backsplashes:

The backsplash within a custom kitchen is akin to an artist’s canvas, ripe with creative potential. When you partner with DeGeorge Development, you are presented with an extensive array of materials, ranging from elegant glass to ceramic tiles and even reclaimed wood, enabling you to craft a backsplash that is not only a functional element but also an artistic centerpiece within your kitchen.

Appliances Aligned with Your Lifestyle:

The choice of kitchen appliances wields profound influence over your culinary endeavors. Within a DeGeorge Development custom kitchen, you retain the flexibility to handpick appliances that align seamlessly with your unique cooking style. Whether your heart desires a professional-grade range, a built-in espresso machine, or a wine cooler tailored for the connoisseur, our customization ensures that your kitchen is fully attuned to your lifestyle.

Lighting that Sets the Mood:

Lighting serves as the pivotal architect of the ambiance within your kitchen. In the realm of our custom kitchens, we entrust you with the power to select lighting fixtures that transcend mere illumination. Be it pendant lights suspended gracefully over the island, under-cabinet lighting designed for precision tasks, or opulent chandeliers that evoke a sense of luxury, the choice rests entirely in your discerning hands.

New Kitchen DeGeorge

Unique Flooring:

The choice of flooring within your kitchen is the very bedrock upon which its design is founded. Within DeGeorge Development’s custom kitchens, you are presented with an expansive selection of flooring options, spanning the timeless elegance of hardwood, the enduring charm of ceramic tiles, the contemporary allure of concrete, and the eco-conscious appeal of sustainable materials. Your choice of flooring possesses the capacity to profoundly influence the overarching aesthetics of your kitchen.

The Process of Crafting a DeGeorge Development Custom Kitchen:

Having comprehensively explored the elements that distinguish our custom kitchens, let us now embark upon a journey through the intricacies of bringing your culinary vision to life:

Consultation and Planning:

The path to realizing a wonderful new kitchen commences with a thoughtful consultation with our dedicated team. This phase serves as the foundation upon which we lay the blueprint of your vision, taking into account your unique aspirations, needs, and budget. We work intimately with you, fostering a deep understanding of your preferences, and providing expert counsel on the most effective strategies to achieve your objectives.

Design and Layout:

Once your vision crystallizes, our accomplished team undertakes the meticulous task of crafting a detailed design and layout for your custom kitchen. Every nuance is examined, from the strategic positioning of appliances and fixtures to the carefully curated color palette and selection of materials. This design phase grants you the invaluable opportunity to envisage the visual and functional dimensions of your kitchen.

Material Selection:

The selection of materials emerges as a pivotal step in the crafting of your new kitchen. You will be entrusted with the privilege of choosing materials for cabinetry, countertops, flooring, backsplashes, and other integral elements. Our team extends its expertise to provide recommendations harmonious with your sensibilities and financial considerations.

Cabinetry and Storage Design:

Custom cabinetry stands as a defining feature of a custom kitchen. During this phase, detailed blueprints meticulously delineate the design of cabinetry and storage solutions. This critical juncture affords you the opportunity to review and refine the plans to ensure that your kitchen aligns precisely with your unique requirements.

Appliance Selection:

The judicious selection of appliances plays a pivotal role in determining both the functionality and aesthetics of your kitchen. Our team collaborates closely with you to identify appliances that resonate with your culinary style and seamlessly integrate into the overall design.


With all design elements meticulously finalized, the execution phase commences. Our proficient craftsmen, renowned for their precision and skill, are entrusted with the task of breathing life into your new beautiful kitchen. Every facet is meticulously attended to, ensuring that every detail is executed with consummate perfection.

Finishing Touches:

The final embellishments that lend your custom kitchen its distinct character are introduced during this phase. These finishing touches encompass the selection and installation of lighting fixtures, hardware, and accessories—all carefully curated to enhance the comprehensive design and functionality of your culinary sanctuary.

Quality Assurance and Inspection:

Before the ultimate unveiling of your custom kitchen, a rigorous regimen of quality assurance and inspection is diligently undertaken by our team. This exacting process ensures that every facet of your kitchen adheres unwaveringly to the highest standards of craftsmanship and functionality.

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